7 Habits of an Effective Witness

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus. It certainly is an exciting time we are living in. With the election, Fall Season, lack of rain and all that is going on, we surely are in the last days. I hope you know Jesus and He knows you. In the last blog I mentioned the sermon that Bro. Greg McCoy preached at our annual association meeting. I wanted to share the 7 Habits of an effective witness:

(1) The effective witness is prepared – an effective witness has a fresh, active, up-to-date relationship with Jesus Christ. This takes time, Bro. Greg said, “God makes time, we must take time”.

(2) The effective witness shares Christ anytime/anywhere. The gospel is always in vogue because all have sinned and come short of God’s glory!

(3) The effective witness is flexible in presentation. People need people to listen to them. Share Christ in the context of where people are.

(4) The effective witness sees every interaction as a divine appointment. God is in control and is active in the world around us.

(5) The effective witness does not worry about results. Salvation is a work of God that God chooses to perform through the witness of his church.

(6) The effective witness is involved in outreach programs but is not limited by them. We are on duty as Christians 24/7, not just visitation time.

(7) The effective witness prays daily for opportunities to share the love of Christ.

We the church have been given the ministry and the word of reconciliation, may we never seal it up. That day over 2000 years ago while our wonderful Lord was on the cross, the veil to the Holy Place was rent in two. That means the way to God is opened up to all, lets be careful not to sew up the veil. Whosoever! Shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. I am a whosoever preacher!

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