Revival Meeting

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus. We will begin revival meeting this Saturday night Nov. 19 at 7:00. The theme for the meeting is “Old Fashioned Revival”. Johnny Goldston will be preaching Saturday night and Sunday morning and Dustin Copeland will be with us Sunday and Monday night. Sunday morning service will be Old Fashioned Day and many will be dressing in old fashioned attire. Following the morning service we will have our Thanksgiving Dinner. Everyone is invited.

Revival meetings come and go, but true revival is rare these days. Revival requires heartfelt introspection among God’s people. When the remnant of  God’s people returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple after Babylonian captivity, they worked enthusiastically for 6 years. But soon after their attitude went from enthusiastic to extinguished and God sent Haggai to implore them to consider their ways. Once the people repented and returned to the work of building the temple, God spoke up, showed up and stirred up…… When God’s people work, God shows up.

As we consider the situations all around us, the shape of our country, the moral decay that is eating away at our families and young people surely we realize the need for action. What are we to do? Those 42 thousand Jews did three things:

(1) They obeyed God. There is not substitute for obedience.

(2) They Respected God’s Presence. The Bible says they feared the Lord. We fear God by listening for Him to speak, hear what He has to say, then take heed and obey. This has to do with personal holiness and devotion to our Lord.

(3) Then we roll up our sleeves and get into the work.

I pray that God will send revival as we seek to get ourselves ready! Come and be with us this Saturday night.

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