Vacation Bible School

Nearly everywhere I drive I see signs advertising VBS. It is probably the greatest evangelistic effort of the summer and maybe all year. I certainly have fond memories of VBS. Growing up in Oneida we attended First Baptist and in the 70’s VBS was held during the day and usually lasted two weeks. I remember building bird houses, eating cookies and drinking Kool-Aid. But most importantly we learned about Jesus and was taught that we have a loving God that loves little children.

VBS has roots going back all the way to 1894 when a Sunday School Teacher felt she was limited by time constraints in teaching children the Bible. The idea caught on and by the early 1900’s thousands of children were attending schools lasting up to 5 weeks.

Now we meet in the evenings, usually only lasting 1 week. But we still serve Kool-Aid, do some crafts and still teach little children that Jesus loves them. I believe it is one of the great weeks in church life and should be supported by every church member. Here is how you can help:

(1) Let every advertisement for VBS be a reminder to pray for our children. We are in a battle for their souls, the devil is seeking to devour them. We have only a few weapons against his attack and prayer is among the mightiest. VBS may be our only hope of reaching many of the children in our county and we must remember God saves little children.

(2) Make sure we get contacts for every child. Every child that comes to our schools brings with them an invitation to get into their home. We are called to GO.. and every child represents a family that may or may not be churched, may or may not be saved.

(3) Come and take part in VBS. Attend every night you can and just get to know the kids. Help out in the kitchen, teach a class, give children a ride, or come and find a quiet place and pray that as God’s Word is taught the Holy Spirit will come down and touch the hearts of the children who attend.

I am looking forward to our school. It begins July 17th and runs through the 21rst. May God give us the best school ever.

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