January 27 and 28 at Mossy Grove

I want to take a moment to invite you to our Men’s Day Breakfast and Men’s Day of worship. Saturday Morning Jan. 27 at 8 AM will be the Men’s Breakfast with Marty Shadoan, pastor FBC Rockwood, speaking. As we have fellowship with one another he will inspire us to be Men that LEAD!! Our society is in dire need of Christian men that will stand and lead. Lead our homes, lead at church, lead on the job and during recreation. What a difference it would make if our men would model Christ each day in front of a world that has grown so far from God and His precious Word.

Then on Sunday we will have an all men’s choir and I will be preaching a Bible sermon on the need of Godly men in our society. I am praying that Sunday will not only be a day of worship and learning, but a day that we all repent of all the wasted motion in our lives. I believe that men today are going to bed with way too much energy. We need to be ringing ourselves out for the glory of God, the good of our families and the spreading of the gospel to the lost. Time on earth is short, we are but a vapor, here for short time and then gone. Paul said it well in Ephesians 5:16, “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil“.  And it is quiet fitting that this verse comes right before the mandate to be filled with the Spirit. I fear that men are filled with much in our day but I have to wonder if it is the Spirit of God.

Sunday night our two young preachers, Travis Daugherty and Zach Moore, will be tag teaming a message, along with a time for our men to testify of the goodness of God.

Please Plan on attending and invite as many men as you can, especially those who are unchurched. Share this post with Social Media, make an effort and lets watch God bless as only He can.

Bro. Jim Philippians 3:10

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