Private Communion

Praise God for Holy Week, as we make preparation to celebrate the resurrection of our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we must first realize that before Sunday could come, Friday had to transpire. I mean before we can celebrate an empty tomb we must visualize a full cross. By full I mean, a cross that held the broken, bloody, bruised and beaten body of our Lord Jesus Christ and a cross that is full of meaning for you and me. This coming Thursday night would be the traditional night of the last supper, we call that Maundy Thursday. Jesus instituted what we term “The Lord’s Supper” on that night. This Thursday night the sanctuary at Mossy Grove will be open from 7-8 for anyone who wants to come by and have a private time to observe this special ordinance. Bread and juice will be available and a quite time for you and maybe your family to come by and spend time reflecting upon what Jesus did for us on that cross. SEE THE CROSS? The wonderful eternal affection of God, the glorious and phenomenal transaction that was made when God saved you, see the responsibility we have to daily die to ourselves and realize that whatever we do, in word or deed we are to glorify God through His Son Jesus Christ. I wish you a happy and joyous Easter, but first lets do the one thing Jesus ask us to do for Him:

“This is my body which is broken for you…. This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you.. this DO in remembrance of me.” 

Bro. Jim

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